Sehr warm

Heute war sehr warm, trotzdem war einen gute Lauf, gutes Tempo.... kein Problem mehr. Den erste 10 km Lauf am Wochenende... ich hoffe das ich nicht die letzte bin.

Is getting better

Now every round is better no more stops, no more pain. Just enjoying. I am prepared to run my first 5 km race. When the rounds are every time like this i will have more motivation to continue...

The summer had begonnen

Finally the summer seems to be here, but it is also another difficulty for a training, so I started early in the morning at 20 degrees. was part comfortable, anyway I feelt fast tired and was difficult to run continuosly. I have to go walking 3 times. But anyway another good training. Each time I can realize I am really enjoying I planned in my mind how will be at the first 10 km run? Can I afford it?

Probabbly yes!

Everything is good now

Everything is good now. But now I know what it is called? A need? to go out and running. If I don´t do it I feel like cheating myself... So I woke up very early and run again I am sincer I stopped twice I have to go in between. The day was perfect and the nature wonderful. I took another way... with the same distance at once of my known route, so I can keept it afterwards. Then the way was not always flat, up and downs that made me go sometimes faster and slowly, I could feel which muscles were working in my legs.

Pain on my foot

I had a very hard day, a lot of work a lot of activities, anyway I decided to go jogging, I can´t quit now. So I prepared myself, I noticed I was tired more tired at the last two days I have to walk sometimes, at the end I got pain on my let foot.... what a pity!

I will make a rest,,, two days... and probabbly everything will be nice again...

Beautiful day

Today was a shorter round, but easy. The condition is there, I don´t have any problem any more. I need more speed. The view was beautiful today and the weather also.
What is the goal? 30 km a week

Training had begonnen

Today comfortable jogging time, a good weather and not always a comfortable way but a good possibilitie to start again.

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