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BlindReader is an App, that reads aloud your favourite websites. Whether it is the New York Times, Le Monde or your local news website, BlindReader reads the current content of it. Ideal for the blind or partially sighted people. Also very useful for car drivers and athletes that want to keep their eyes on the road.

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BlindReader can do only one thing, but it can do this very well:

To read the web aloud

Voice Controlled

BlindReader is totally voice controlled. You say what you want to hear, BlindReader will read it aloud.

All News

BlindReader comes with a set of predefined news sources, but you can easily adde your favourite news sources.

All Languages

BlindReader supports most human languages. So you can listen to multi language content like the New York Times or Le Monde or El País

On the Road

BlinderReader can be controlled with a headset while you are working out or doing your daily chores, also Bluetooth car connections are supported

How it works

You just say the name of the website your want to listen to, e.g. spiegel.de. BlindReader analyses the site and starts reading out the first article. If you are not interested, you just have to say: "Next Article".

Free configurable voices

You can decide, if you want to use the standard voices of your Android Smartphones or buy a super clear premium voice .

  • Android

Currently BlindReader is available for Android only. We are working on an iOS Version.


Vielseitig nutzbar

While Working Out

Stay informed while you go an jog or treat the treadmill.

During work

Make better use of your time, while doing your daily chores.

For The Blind

Navigate the news jungle voice controlled or with Bluetooth accessories

In The Car

Keep your eyes on the road, while getting your fix of daily news.


MPow Bluetooth Car Kit

Attached to the dashboard or table with a magnet. Talk button with microphone, back and forward keys
ca. 25 Euro.

AKG Headset

Wired headset with microphone and talk button. Headset with top audio quality,
ca. 30 Euro

KRS Bluetooth Remote

Tactile talk, back and forward buttons, volume control, (no built in microphone),
ca. 9 Euro

Controllabe with a Pebble smartwoatch!

Coming to the Google Play Store in May

Works on smartphones and tablets with Android 4.3 and higher

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