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I like to toss them out and let the senko fall really slow. As it falls it mimics a dieing fish. And to survive in that school, teachers and all faculty have to be fairly strong, so he got himself quite the enemy. Amusingly, Himekawa decides that with all the failures he faces, he has to try and take on Oga himself, to make it truly personal.

Friedman P. How married o. Zafar involved himself in this project with a strong belief in his friend Zoe. The CD had a chance for a big record deal in New York. Sadly the new and inventive parts are quickly smothered in favor of lots of scenes of fighting (some staged better than others) and women looking to be in a good deal of pain. The features suffers a bit due to this and takes what could have been a really inventive attempt into slightly less than average fare.

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