It was a real fight, but I am so happy I made the 10K again today :-)

Unfortunately my time was not near to the time I was running two years ago, but also the routes I tested the last two times are not even as beautiful and comfortable as the park near to the bay of Rio de Janeiro...

I am thinking honestly about doing some intervall-training next time, may be that helps me to get back in form. anyhow, it seems I am back on track now and my aim to break the hour for the 10k is becoming realistic.

I am just a bit afraid of hay fever this year. usally it starts around middle of april and lasts around one month. I will start taking homeopatic pills some weeks before, lets see if it helps to lower the syndroms. If not I probably will switch to swimming for a while.

but untill then there is still some time for running...

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beatutiful axelito,, make

beatutiful axelito,, make step by step, not too mutch in a reality small time, sorry, my englisch is not so gut :-)), bey, an gut luk, lukas


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