Today I started running again. Its not the first time, I start again - I already started again several times: after a running break for one year, after I switched the city, after a longer work-project, after the winter-break etc.

Today I started again after a long time without regular exercise. my last period of twice or more times running during a week was probably in 2009. I still remember this marvellous experience. I allways got up very early, because I stayd at a tropical city and wanted to avoid the heat after 10am. I headed over to my running course near to the bay, did some stretching and then just run for an hour along the bay with a perfect view. there I managed to break the 1 hour limit for 10km first time and it felt sooo good :-).

Now I am back in the cold for more than a year, changed place in the city and missed some monthes because of the asthma in the cold winter-air. today I tested running at around 9 degree and had no problems - thanks to the running gods. I hope I can make it more regular again now, at least until mids of April, when the hayfever starts again. I probably try to switch to swimming then for a while - lets see.

My aim for this year (2012) will be to run/swim once or twice a week and prepare for some 10km run in the summer/autumn here in Berlin. Any suggestions from anybody?

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