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OK! I had enough of jogging i the snow! After more than one week of doing it I don't find it "special" anymore. Especially since it began to taw, and one slips & slides left and right so that after half an hour the knees start to feel the stress...


You should

you should stop seeking the snow then
(sorry, I couldn't resist making this comment)
I am sure it will start raining before long, so you can be sick of the rain instead
best wishes from The South
(15 degrees, the snow is all gone and I (while running) spotted many people enjoying the beach today)

another Schlumpf

Welcome here and running with such a beautiful view is great. You will remember it when it's raining cat and dogs.

Have fun,

Find joy in the little

Find joy in the little things and praise God for them!

I can only agree to the other comments - you will long for the snow once it starts raining! Look at it positive - running in the snow is something very special and we have this opportunity only rarely. I enjoy every meter in the crisp weather and the great landscape. Carpe diem!


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